The revolution of Baggu bags

Growing up in California, we were always in a drought, so you learn to conserve water at a really young age and the idea of being really conscious of what you’re buying and where it’s going when you’re done with it is something I grew up being aware of. Baggu is a company that makes a very simple, reusable shopping bag.

example of baggu

Carrying a baggu bag

The design for Baggu is a complete rip-off of the iconic plastic bag. It folds out into a very basic T-shirt shaped bag. It has gussets so when you open it, it’s flat on the bottom for eggs and milk. When we were selling, we always wanted to make something simple so that it would be cheap to produce it in multiples. The whole bag is cut out of one piece of fabric, which minimizes cutting waste. The pouch is made from the circle you lose in the neckline. The only seam is down here and it’s double-reinforced, but they hold like 25 or 30 pounds.

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Working at baggu

They’re good for groceries, they’re good for when you guy a new pair of jeans, they’re good for books, they’re good for going to the beach. You can fill them to the brim with cans and they won’t break. That would probably work with bricks, too. If you put your purse in it when it’s raining, it will pretty much save your purse. The Baggu company that I bought mine from recommended it. They’re great for laundry, toilet paper, shoes. They’re good of someone gives you a present. They’re good to give someone else a present in. You can use them as gift wrap. In the last year, we’ve come out with a baby Baggu, which is kind of a lunch bag sized one. It’s good for the Bodega or bringing home a six-pack. Big Baggu, which is an awesome laundry bag.

You definitely have to make some behavioral change to remember your bag, but we wanted to make it was easy as possible. You buy your bag in your favorite color, you feel cute when you carry it. We knew that only so many people would be motivated by the need to be good, but if we made it a functional, beautiful, nice to use product, that would really get people to continue using it.

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Creating a baggu

Today, Baggu reusable shopping bags. Plastic bags are clogging our landfills to the tune of 100 billion bags a year. That’s a thousand bags for every American family. What’s more, even if you try to re-use them, they’re not very sturdy.

Here’s how a regular shopping bag held up to our 25-pound book test. The book test tore the regular shopping bag to shreds. Baggu handled it easily to 25 pounds, although I suspect the canvass bag could do the same.

baggu close up

Closeup of baggu bag

Made from rip-stop nylon and a variety colors, Baggu isn’t as green as organic hemp or cotton would be. Although you can send your old Baggu in for recycling and they’ll give you a dollar off your next order. Actually nice and small in its own pouch which should easily fit in your purse, glove box, I was sorry to see the pouch wasn’t incorporated into the design of the bag. I’m sure it to lose mine eventually.

Baggu colors

All colors of baggu

At $8 a bag, Baggu isn’t cheap, although there are discounts if you buy 3 or 6 at a time. While Baggu is a stylish, environmentally friendly product, I can’t quite say it’s a green deal.